Pintu Terlarang (Joko Anwar, Indonesia, 2009)


I love Kala but I wonder why Joko Anwar adapted Sekar Ayu Asmara’s novel, because Pintu Terlarang basicly is the same movie with Sekar Ayu Asmara’s Soul Mate (whose novel was adapted for this movie). Only I like Pintu Terlarang more because of the deft cinematography, editing, and of course the visual is like a feast before my eyes. Both are about persons with mental illness because something they did in their past. And obviously both have the same escapism ending which I loathe…very much. Trying to lure people to think the movie is about serious matter, then BAM! twist it around just to watching tricks than facing reality, dealing with harder questions.I think we or at least people with mental illness should be insulted by this movie, because what? their way to get their happiness is only through puzzling dreams? People are afraid of the world, of their lives. Game-playing is a form of avoidance. This film is totally a form of escapism, ways of dropping out of reality, of avoiding life.Sorry and this kind of puzzle-films are a way of flattering themselves that they are smart and hip .” This movie is too afraid and too intimidated by the complexity of adult life to grapple with it.

And I never understand why would a filmmaker needs to clarify or to make his/her film more clear to their audiences. I don’t watch movie if I want to learn about Psychology, it’s like you’re watching Van Gogh’s The Sunflower to learn about botanical.


2 Responses to “Pintu Terlarang (Joko Anwar, Indonesia, 2009)”

  1. nice review kk yuki! 🙂

  2. heheheh makasi kakak jagoan movies….cara ngelink ke blog laen gimana ya

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